Saturday, June 18, 2016

Painting and Craft Supplies Made Easy

It's finally summer vacation! I have not posted lately mainly because I haven't had many ideas and I am also working on something pretty special that I'm really excited about. I tried it with my class and they did love it, but it's not perfect yet so I don't want to quite share it with everyone...yet.
I know many other teacher bloggers write about all of their dollar store finds and what they do with them and now I am going to be one of them. One of my favs, Mr. Greg, blogged about finding these flower plates and how he used them for math stations. I was thinking this was a good idea and went to my local dollar store to find them. When I did finally find them, I had another idea when I saw them; paints! So I have round tables, which have been good and bad (that I'll get into in another post). My idea for these little flower plates would be to put different paint colors in each "petal" and then put it in the center of the tables and then the kids each have access to all of the colors. One big container, less mess.
Clean up was so easy with this project! Finger paints are the best, I just have to say that. I have also used these for art supplies. Put everything that is needed in each part of the flower and then the kids have access to everything they need and there is no need to prepare multiple sets of the same thing for either each pair or each student.
Thank you Dollar Store for all your crazy things that teachers find so useful.

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