Monday, May 15, 2017

Days till First Grade and ABC Countdown

We are finally in the last 26 days of school! I'm not sure about anyone else, but this has been a really hard year; after 10 years of teaching this has been probably the most challenging. So I am excited to be starting our countdown. I am also starting a new part of it as well - a countdown of days till we are first graders! We have started with being "First Graders in Training" and so to go along with that I started the countdown till they are first graders. With this I am trying to help them get excited for what is coming next for them.

Each day as we do a craft to go along with our ABC countdown letter of the day, we will take a chain off.  I got this idea from Bright Concepts for Teachers and there are other grades on her site if you are in need. My hope in doing this, as I said before, is to get the kids excited about next year. 
For our ABC countdown, I took some ideas from Mr. Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard and his ABC Countdown and made it fit my class. You can click on the picture to download the Word Document to edit and use for your classroom if you would like. 
We are also going to be making an ABC book for each letter. So our craft may go into the book or if there is no craft, we'll just draw a picture of something that begins with each letter. 

So I hope you're having fun planning the end of your year activities and you have a few less days than I have. :)

Happy Teaching!!

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